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The Global Fintech Report 全球金融科技竞争力报告;Yang Dong, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor and Vice Dean of Law School, Vice Dean of The Entrepreneurship Institute, Renmin University.?He got his J.D. degree in Hitotsubashi University in Japan.? He is also Changjiang Distinguished Youth Professor, Director of FinTech and Internet Security Research Center(RUC) which is a vice chairman of Professional Committee on FinTech of PBoC Payment& Clearing Association of China.? ? Professor Yang is a member of the expert panel convened by Legislative Affairs Commission, Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of The National People’s Congress of the PRC for the legislation of Securities Law, Futures Law and Electronic Commerce Law.? He is also a member of the expert panel convened by State Administration for Industry and Commerce for the legislation of Countering Unfair Competition Law in which capacity he did the actual writing of countering unfair competition about Internet.? He has been commended by Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the NPC for his contribution to Electronic Commerce Law.;Professor Yang has deeply participated in the process of expert review, evaluation, and media interview during the legislation by the PBoC, the CBRC, the CSRC, the CIRC and the State Council’s Special Governing Office on Internet Finance, and consultation of legislation draft and judicial interpretation by the Supreme Court of People.? ? Prof. Yang is also an expert member of China-EU Digital Economy and Cybersecurity Expert Working Group convened by the Office of Central Leadership Group on Cyberspace Affairs, an expert committee member of NDRC’s National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Distribution and Exchange Technologies, a member of National Committee of experts on the Internet financial security technology, vice president of Securities Law Research Association of China, a member of Professional Committee on Internet Lending of National Internet Finance Association of China. ;


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